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ABD Partners Ltd. is an Aboriginal/First Nation business which partners with a variety of industries providing a full complement of services to commercial and business aviation, petroleum, mining, and environmental industries as well as to the agritech and blockchain technology sectors.

Through a network of highly skilled associates and established companies ABD provides aircraft leasing, sales and parts support. To the resource industry ABD offers air and ground geophysics, data reprocessing, drilling, geological mapping, soil sampling and site preparation. In addition, “ABD consulting” provides advisory services on a worldwide basis assisting clients in identifying and negotiating asset acquisitions, M&A consulting as well as project equity and debt financing.

Blockchain technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate. "ABD" is keeping pace with this revolutionary sector and has expanded its consulting sector providing assistance with start-up and development financing, social media and regulatory assistance.

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ABD Partners Ltd.
25 Angela's Lane
Hiawatha, Ontario
K9J 0E6

Tel: 705 417 0236
Email: grochon@abdpartners.ca